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If you are struggling after the birth of your child, please know that Postpartum Mood Disorders are treatable, with help you will feel better. Treatment may be very short term. Some Mom's feel much better after a just a few counseling sessions, while other Mom's cherish the time they get to have for themselves in counseling and continue for several months. I often refer the Mom's I work with to local wellness professional in an effort to provide a holistic model of care. Be kind to yourself and do what is necessary to help you feel better. Motherhood can be enjoyable, once you have the right support.​


Pregnancy can bring up complex feelings. There is pressure on women to feel excited about impending motherhood, but not all women are looking forward to the change a new baby brings. The anticipation of the birth and arrival of the baby, mixed with hormonal changes, can leave women vulnerable to depression and anxiety during their pregnancy. Women may feel afraid of the birth process, have excessive worry over the health of their baby, or fear they are not equipped to handle the demands of motherhood. I work with women to sort out their feelings and begin motherhood from a healthy and confident place.

Therapeutic Specialties

Jenn is trained by The Trauma Resource Institute in treating trauma by using the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) and the Community Resilency Model (CRM.)  She is a certified Community Resiliency Model (CRM) instructor.  


​In her therapy practice, Jenn uses a combination of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and the Somatic Therapy, The Trauma Resiliency Model. When working with children and adolescents, Jenn utilizes a play based therapy designed to encourage positive relationships, relieve sources of childhood anxiety, increase self esteem, and improve social skills. 

Jenn spent many years as a therapist at Santa Barbara elementary and middle schools. She is currently the Clinical Director at New Beginnings Counseling Center. Jenn serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for PEP (Postpartum Education for Parents.) She is apart of the Santa Barbara County Maternal Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coalition. Jenn also provides Clinical Supervision, supervising marriage and family interns who work with children and teens.

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Traumatic Birth Experience  

Using the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM,) I treat mother's who have experienced a traumatic birth. Remember, a traumatic birth is any childbirth experience in which the mother feels traumatized by the event. Many times other's may not view the birth as being traumatic, but for the mother it was a very scary situation. 

Parenting Young Children

About Jenn

Intern Supervision

I am a certified Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Supervisor. I supervise interns who work with children and families or interns with a special interest in attachment or Postpartum Mood Disorders. 

The Trauma Resiliency Model™ is a biologically based model using current research of neuroscience and the physiology of trauma to help reset the central nervous system after a traumatic or stressful life event. TRM is used in a clinical setting to help the client learn to track their own nervous system while also learning mindfulness-based skills to bring themselves back into balance when they are feeling stresses, anxious, or depressed. TRM has been designed as both a trauma reprocessing treatment model as well as a self-care model.  This model is different than traditional "talk therapy,"as it uses awareness of physical sensations to connect the mind and body. TRM explores the concept of resiliency and how to restore balance to the body and the mind after traumatic or stressful experiences. 

Jenn Earned a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 2007. As a Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Jenn specializes in working with Santa Barbara families during the  Postpartum Emotional Adjustment and through the first 5 years of parenting. She has received extensive training  in treating pregnant and postpartum women. She has received a certificate of training from Postpartum Support International, the UC San Diego Maternal Mental Health Clinic, and Hand in Hand Parenting in their Parenting by Connection Model.

I am thrilled to bring The Community Resiliency Model™ (CRM) to the Santa Barbara Area. The primary focus of this skills-based, group training program is to re-set the natural balance of the nervous system. CRM skills help individuals understand their nervous system and learn to read sensations connected to their own well-being, which CRM calls the “Resilient Zone”.  CRM’s goal is to help to create “trauma-informed” and “resiliency-focused” communities that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress on the nervous system and how resiliency can be restored or increased using this skills-based approach. CRM is often taught to groups of teachers, medical professional, medical first responders, and counseling clinicians, to help reduce the impact of job-related stress and prevent burn out. Once the CRM skills are learned, they can be passed on to help students, clients, and patients. 

CRM skills have been used worldwide in varied locations, including the Philippines, Mexico, Haiti, China, the United States, Kenya, Darfur, the Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Japan, Uganda, Somalia and Guatemala. CRM is brought to these communities following natural disasters to help build community resilience and lessen the impact of PTSD. The Department of Defense named the wellness skills a promising practice in 2011.


Postpartum Emotional Adjustment

​​​​Groups & Workshops

​Jenn offers 

Training in Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder to Health Care Providers and Clinicians.

Training in the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) for Non-Profits or Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Clinicians.

Workshops in postpartum adjustment, mother-infant attachment, and toddler behavior for Santa Barbara Parents.


 Upcoming Groups/Workshops 2016

Feb.2nd-April. 12th 9:00am-10:00am "Piccolini " 

Mother-Infant Class

Bright Start Child Development Center, Santa Barbara, Ca
For more information or to register, visit BRIGHT START

Feb. 10th 11:00am  "Relationships in the Postpartum Period"


PEP (Postpartum Education for Parents) Group, Santa Barbara

Feb. 16th-17th Community Resiliency Model Training 1


Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Service Buellton, Ca

April 8th-10th Trauma Resiliency Model Level 1


Beverly Hills, Ca

For more information or to register visit


June 24th-25th Postpartum Support International Annual Conference


San Diego, Ca


 "Circle of Parenting" 
Parent-Infant Class
Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center, Ojai, Ca
For more information or to register, visit NAN TOLBERT

 "Early Childhood Development"
Family Workshop @ Goleta Library

  "Taming the Tantrum"
Peanuts Maternity and Kids, Santa Barbara, Ca

 "Jenn Paul Interview by Joni Aldrich & Chris Jerry"
Advocacy Heals U Podcast on I Heart Radio

 "Postpartum Emotional Adjustment"
Community Hospital New Parent Resource Center, Ventura, Ca




Community Resiliency Model (CRM) 

Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) 

I do not endorse any specific method of parenting. Instead, I use my background in developmental child psychology to help parents understand their child's emotional needs and develop a parenting plan that works for their unique family.Together we explore the ways in which their child's behavior trigger a negative reaction within themselves. I teach parents skills to keep themselves calm during challenging parenting situations. I promote mindfulness practice and connection as a means to achieve a healthy and satisfying parent-child relationship. My goal is for my client to feel confident in their role as parent. I provide a non-judgmental space for parents to openly discuss the difficulties they face as parents, both internally and in the relationship with their child.